Welcome to the home page for the Modos RPG.

Modos RPG is the free, open source role playing game inspired by d20 rules. Modos strips the d20 rules down to their simplest, most important elements for two reasons:
1) To make the game easy to learn and play.
2) To provide the opportunity to add any rules or elements that your game group wants to use.

While the following wiki is written as a compendium of rules, the short version is this:

Modos RPG is a Role Playing game for heroes. As the heroes become more powerful, they gain Levels. With each level, they gain skill points, perks, and hero points.
Skills are points added when a character does something that gets better with training or experience.
Perks allow characters to bend the rules, or obtain special features.
Hero Points are added to a character’s die rolls to turn a mundane effort into a heroic one.

A character is first defined by his Abilities. These are Physical, Mental, and Metaphysical. Each ability has a score ranging from 0 (useless) to 20 (super-human) or higher. Each ability is also a measure of the character’s ability to take Damage, which incapacitates him if his damage equals or exceeds his ability score.

When the characters are fully created, players explore a world created largely by the game master (GM). The characters can try to do anything they want, but if there’s a chance of failure, they must use Rolls. The two main types of rolls are a d20, plus the Modifiers of a relevant ability, plus the skill points if the character has skill in the area, plus whatever difficulty the GM determines. If this roll is against a character or opponent, then it’s called a contest, and that character or opponent will make a similar roll, and the highest result wins. If this roll is against the character’s own capability, then it’s called an attempt, and the GM will usually use a difficulty roll as opposition.

If players and game masters exhaust these rules and want more, they are free to adopt or write their own Modules, which can be added by following some simple rules and then simply hitting Cut and Paste. And for the game groups who don’t want more rules, just more stuff: the final section of the rules contains Lists of everything with which players like to stock their character sheets: Classes, Races, Weapons, and Armor, and some things that don’t go on a character sheet: Examples and Glossary.

Modos RPG