R103 – Damage.
Damage is the general term for getting closer to death. A character can take damage for each ability he has, and this damage can come from any number of sources. Usually, Physical damage comes from weapons and energy (like fire), Mental damage comes from magic, music, or noise, and Metaphysical damage comes from magic and otherworldly powers.

R103.1 – Damage Pools.
A damage pool is where a character collects the damage he takes. Each ability score has a damage pool. The pool becomes full when it reaches the amount of the corresponding ability score. While the pool may collect more damage at the GM’s discretion, once it becomes full, the character is treated as having a corresponding ability score of zero.

R103.2 – Healing Damage.
Characters heal damage, or remove points from their damage pools, at the following rates:
Physical – one point daily.
Mental – one point hourly.
Metaphysical – one point hourly.
Characters may heal at rates faster than this by using Skills or Magic, or the GM may choose to accelerate these rates while characters are resting.

R103.3 – Reducing Damage.
When a character takes damage, the damage can be reduced by protection. Protection is anything that reduces damage once a character has been hit, like armor or magic. When there is a chance that a character will take damage, he should roll his protection when rolling his contest to avoid damage, or just roll protection if he does not have a reserve action. The result of the protection roll is subtracted from the damage roll, but a successful hit always deals at least one point of damage. If multiple damage dice are rolled simultaneously, like for several consecutive attacks or a magic spell, the defender should roll protection for each die of damage. Sum the damage results and sum the protection results, then subtract protection from damage. The minimum damage inflicted is one point per damage die.

R103.4 – Max Damage.
Max damage refers to the total amount of damage that it takes to fill any one of a character’s damage pools. Max damage can be increased beyond a damage pool’s corresponding ability score with Skills, Perks, Magic, or as decided by the GM.

R103.5 – Health.
The difference between an ability’s max damage and its damage pool is called health. Or:
Max damage – damage pool = health.


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