Role Playing

R000 – Role Playing.
Section 000 is about the first portion of the term role playing game. These rules address what is expected of the game master (GM) and the players (PC), and how they can get the most out of the social portion of the game.

R001 – The GM is always right.
But sometimes the players are right, too. If the GM says or does something during a game with which a player doesn’t agree, ask him if he’s sure about it. If he is, then save your disagreement for after the game, when it won’t distract the GM and other players from the game in progress.

R002 – Roleplay bonus.
There are some scenes in a game session where dice rolling is required to determine a fair outcome. In these cases, the player who plays his role well in addition to rolling the dice can receive a +2 bonus to his roll result from the GM.

R003 – After-session review.
After each game, the GM and players are encouraged to discuss what they liked and didn’t like about the game. In particular, if any Skill or Perk seemed too powerful, or not powerful enough, the group should come to a consensus on how to modify that feature for the next game. Since this is an open source game, the group should also discuss any rules that didn’t feel quite right, and consider modifying them for the next session.

R004 – Theme setup.
Before the game starts, the GM should discuss the type of game he wants to run with the players. This is the players’ chance to help the GM tailor the game to their wishes. Also, the group should discuss what Modules they want to include in the game, or whether they should design their own.

R005 – Character design.
The game’s theme establishes what sort of characters the players will be playing. The GM should explain, after the theme is decided, what types of characters are available to the players. The players need to know what races, occupations, powers, gear, and social networks they can choose to utilize when designing their characters. Furthermore, the abilities, skills, and hero points of the characters are loosely defined. Players should decide what each of these features mean in terms of their characters, and play their characters accordingly.

R006 – Roleplaying awards.
To encourage the players to roleplay their characters, instead of just rolling dice, the GM may award a player a one-time hero point for doing something against his character’s goals, if it means better roleplaying the character. If the players roleplay consistently well, the GM can instead award an ability point, skill point, or perk.

Role Playing

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